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Now your search for Heart of Vegas Cheats ends here. Welcome back to our website, where you can find amazing and totally free games cheats and hack. You can easily cheats heart of vegas with our tool and generate unlimited free coins with few clicks.

heart of vegas cheats

You can use this generator as many time as you want, this is totally safe to use and we guarantee that your account is safe because we only use built in premium proxies. This cheats tool is tested by our team and it’s works perfectly fine. You do not need to download any software you can directly use our generator online. Also you do not need to root or jailbreak your device because we directly add coins in your account either you are playing it on android or IOS or any other system.

About Heart Of Vegas Cheats

Heart of vegas cheats is online casino game which includes many different slot games. You can enjoy all of free casino games online which includes:

Play Buffalo Slots – which is popular game on heart of vegas.

Play Miss Kitty – which is also free casino game.

Win on Mayan with sun and moon slot machine.

Spice Things up with chilli machine game.

You can get free coins everyday just by login in to your account and if you need extra coins then you can use our heart of vegas hack to get more coins. They also add new games every day so stay tuned for new slots machines.

You can also use auto play feature on heart of vegas to lower the number of line on bets. Aside from buying breaks, ardent gamers may produce these in an assortment of ways. There are really items which can be coordinated alongside gotten out of Facebook great companions alongside there are every hour additional items which can be gathered. Every single 18 time, enthusiastic gamers may revamp one of the wheels to gather significantly more special extra breaks and obviously, partaking in will bring about record of loan repayment wins. These procedures have a tendency to be all free and eager gamers will presumably never need to buy any sort of advanced breaks aside from on the off chance that they want openness better recreations on offer.


Heart Of Vegas Cheats Features

Generate Unlimited coins.

You can use this cheats on any platform like Android, iOS, Windows and etc.

No need to Download any software, Just use our online generator by clicking on the Heart of Vegas cheats button above.

Also you do not need to jailbreak or root your device to use this cheats.

Heart of Vegas Free Coins Generator
2019 Android ios #200million

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Whenever we looked over the stats Heart of Vegas Free Coin has significantly more than 2 million online users who made it a big hit and also for them to stay and to stay at the top of this game, they must be active for the game. If you’re playing Heart of Vegas without any extra help then you will miss monitoring of the game and let’s assist you to in staying alive in this Heart of Vegas Free Coins game.

Heart of Vegas Casino Free Coins Generator 2019

Collect Heart of Vegas REAL Casino Slots Bonuses HERE Get Heart of Vegas Freebies like coins and Heart of Vegas Hack coins 2018 – cheat unlimited coins iOs, Android

Heart of Vegas Casino Free Coins Generator 2019

To keep playing this game you need coins and for our program Heart of Vegas will allow you to to contain that achievement. If you are having a bad patch with coins and need more coins then Heart of Vegas Free Coins are here to help you. It will give you floods of Heart of Vegas Free coins and then you will never run out of free coins again. This Heart of Vegas Free Coins machine will create for you personally as many coins as you would like, even more than that. Heart of Vegas is definitely an absolutely free online working program which will also operate on all of your Android or iOS platforms.

We all know the feel whenever we lose a large number of coins and gets frustrated with this. Well, you will get this feeling forget about; Heart of Vegas Free Coins will be here to assist you out in these troubled hours. Without a single fragment of doubt, and with hundred percent sureties, we are able to say that Heart of Vegas is the greatest available tool available on the net. Hundreds of tens of thousands of cheering and smiling users are using this platform on weekly basis and then they only keep finding its way back to Heart of Vegas Free Coins, and this makes us even happier than they are.

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Hearts of Vegas Free Coins — Free Bonus Coins Daily

Heart of Vegas Casino Free Coins Generator 2019

One of the latest slot machines games to have stormed the gaming world is the Heart of Vegas slot machine game by Product Madness and this has necessitated the development of Hearts of Vegas Free Coins Generator App. From its launch in 2013 the game has reached a spot in the top 10 games on Facebook in no time at all. Today there are over 2 million players and their community is growing strong with each passing day.

What is the Buzz About…

If you have enjoyed playing the slot machines in Vegas, then you will appreciate the Heart of Vegas slot game which is as good as the real one. The game is a hit combination of mind blowing graphics and technology where you can play real slots from anywhere in the world for free. When two greats like Aristocrat and Product Madness come together they can create magic as is visible from the some of the finest graphics seen in online games.  They have created riveting games that keep the users rooted to their chairs as they try to better their previous chances of winning.

TheNeed for Heart of Vegas free coins….

So far the only way to progress in the game is by: Downloading free coins generator from this Link (as already mentioned earlier). Another way is to answer the daily questions posted on the official Heart of Vegas Facebook to get those extra coins.(Very Stressful) Then there will be seasonal bonuses and monthly bonuses to obtain to those extra coins and get a mere three coins.

heart of vegas cheats

As seen from the reviews and the above methods it is evident that the free coins available on the Facebook page are just not enough to move to the next level. In fact, it is next to impossible to proceed further in the game without having additional free coins. This necessitates some additional measures to get free coins without having to spend money. Is there any source from which you can get the additional support needed to proceed further in the game?

Your search for the much coveted free coins is finally over. When you press on the download button you will be directed to another link from where you can access several free coins. This way you can embark on the successful journey of collecting free coins and filling your kitty with innumerable Heart of Vegas free coins.

Why the wait? Get Your groove back on with this coin generator here..

When you play the Heart of Vegas slot machines you are playing one of the most popular casino games in the entire world right now. For the slot lovers, the Heart of Vegas is a great app that brings alive the real casino atmosphere with it’s out of the world graphics. The sheer variety in game machines and the addictive nature of the game keeps one going. But the makers have to seriously look into issues of free coins and inability of users to win. The expensive in-app purchases will eventually turn away even the most avid player. But if you are so addicted that you can’t turn away, then the free coin generator
above is the solution to your woes. You don’t have to spend loads of money on purchasing free coins any more when you click on the download button above.

The Heart of Vegas app is free but you end up spending money buying coins to proceed further in the game; not any more. You can get the much needed coins also for free from the free coin generator above. The tool has been created by a competent team of professionals to ensure you have a bug free experience.

This tool will help generate several Hearts of Vegas free coins within a few seconds. You don’t need to download the tool; it can be used online simultaneously while playing the slot machines.

This hack is compatible with all operating systems and browsers. You can be assured that your privacy is our priority and you need not share any important personal details. It is safe and it will not reveal your identity to anyone. You will never be disqualified when you use this tool.

Don’t waste precious gaming time just click on the download button now.

Some of the Popular games on the Heart of Vegas

AMC’s Walking Dead machine- it is based on the popular television series of the same name. It is a penny slot game where you can win an unbelievable jackpot worth 500,000 dollars. Buffalo slots- an immensely popular land based slot game for all times. This is a fast-paced and thrilling game where to win you have to fill your screen with Buffalo symbols.

heart of vegas cheats gen

Sun and Moon — A Slot machine based on the Mayan astrological calendar where your earning are linked to the symbols and the biggest reward is connected to the golden face mask wearing a huge headdress. Miss Kitty — This is one more game in the line of already existing kitty games. Free spins, feline graphics, casino style sounds and the “Meow” of the cat enhance
the playing experience.

More Chilli- This Mexican-themed video slot game can be played on web based casinos as well as land based ones. You can play this one for fun or wager real money too.

Queen of the Nile — This game transports you back to Ancient Egypt, to the time of Queen Cleopatra. You can win prizes by identifying pieces of treasure like golden rings, Pharaoh’s mask etc. 50 dragons, More hearts, Miss, Dolphin treasure, Big red, are some of the other favorite slot games.

It’s time to get the Heart of Vegas slot game.

Download Heart of Vegas

This game can be downloaded for free from the Apple store, Google play, play now, Amazon, web and Face book. Only those above the age of 21 are allowed to play this game. This is just a game, a very realistic one, but all the same a game which does not offer any real money or prizes. It is unfair to assume that excellence here will translate to success in real world gambling.

Compatible Devices

This game can be played on any of the following devices:



4 and up



for friends…

Like in real life, the more friends you have online the better chances you have of receiving gifts and proceeding to next level. Click on the free gift button or the gift icon on the top bar and to collect your gifts and to send gifts to your friends. Only one gift per friend is allowed on a single day, hence it pays to have more friends.

Hearts of Vegas free coins

Like every enticing game, the Heart of Vegas too has its special bonuses and coins to proceed to the next level. Some of the ways to get those shimmering gold coins for free would be:

Daily bonus wheels: You are chances of winning free coins are linked to spinning the daily bonus wheel at the bottom left hand corner of the window. This can be spun only once in 18 hours. This limits your chances of winning free coins

But there are other methods of getting free coins from the wheel too. Whenever you return to the game on Facebook you
get free coins. Another method is the friend bonus wherein additional coins are added to your account in accordance with the number of friends who play Heart of Vegas. Only a maximum of 25 friends is allowed.

Collect hourly bonuses: Every hour 10,000 coins are available and you can collect a maximum of 30,000 coins in three hours. This button is located on the top right hand of the window.

Fan Page Bonus: It’s an all out fun situation where while you compete in live events on the fan page in Facebook you can also make additional coins.

Like in any game here too the desire to win is overpowering but earning free coins requires hours of patience and time. If you can’t wait then you can purchase the coins but it is a costly affair.

Games that help

To get more Hearts of Vegas free coins you can play more of “More Hearts”, “Fortune Firecracker” or “Chili” which are known to increase your free coins. Once more the wait to collect sufficient coins to proceed further in the game is way too much and ridden with disappointment if you don’t win any.

Thus you see these are a few options for making free coins but if you don’t have the patience to wait for these additions make sure you click on the download button above to generate Hearts of Vegas free coins. Before we proceed on that topic it is crucial to know the system requirements for playing the Heart of Vegas.

Platforms to get the game on

heart of vegas cheats generator

You might encounter problems with the visuals, the loading time and the overall experience of the game. If your computer or device fails to meet any of the minimum system requirements stated below, you will be frustrated with the loading time and the constant freezing of the account. Make sure your system meets the following requirements for playing the Heart of Vegas.

Operating system: Windows 7 ( 32 bit) and Mac OS X 10.6” Snow Leopard

Processor: 2 GHz

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 9 supported GPU and NVIDIA 9400M GPU

Browser: Internet explorer 10 and safari 5.1.10

Flash Player: 11.8

Internet Speed: 2 Mbps.

For enhanced experience and better graphics as originally intended by the manufacturers you must upgrade your system to:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 8.1–32 bit and OS X 10.10 “Yosemite”

Processor: 2 GHz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 11.2 supported GPU and All supported under OS X 10.10

Browser: Google Chrome

Flash Player: 20

Internet Speed: 8 Mbps.

Recent updates to the game

The latest update to this game is the Version 2.16.0.

In this version you can play some really big and far more interesting games with better visuals. In addition to that the chances of winning more bonuses also increase when you join the Heart of Vegas Online communities. There are special
deals and surprises too while you play the Jackpot.

This version can be downloaded free. It requires 46.87 MB space on your system. As of now it is compatible only with Android 2.2 and higher versions only. The newer version also comes with full screen capabilities to further enhance the entire casino experience. So be ready for more bonuses, greater interaction and exchange of notes on the Heart of Vegas Communities and continue spinning.


The Heart of Vegas has enthralled its audience with its realistic visuals and Casino like experience. The game has become as addictive online as it is when you play the slot machine with real money. Much as praises heap on themanufacturers, there are both positive and negatives reviews for the game.

The positive

The sheer variety of games makes the Heart of Vegas game immensely popular among the slot machine lovers. The game is severely addictive and once you start its hard to stop. The accompanying comments and music spice up things and keep you

If you like some challenge than you are at the right place. You have to really earn your bonuses to continue playing. It is clearly stated how your points are calculated thereby helping you strategize your games.

The negatives

The amount of free coins and bonuses awarded do not last long and often the player has to buy extra coins or wait frustrated for the next round of free coins.

The game is so addictive that you end up spending actual money to continue playing and hoping that you win big; which unfortunately doesn’t happen. The inability to proceed playing without paying is turning this gaming slot machine into an
almost real slot machine where you lose more than you gain.

The max bet button is another feature which can make you lose all your coins in a jiffy.

The game doesn’t update properly.

The in app purchases are too expensive and deter many avid slot players from proceeding further because the whole experience is becoming a pricey one.

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